Seeking assistance from SOS

Follow this procedure when requesting the assistance of SOS with clients who may be frequenting the CBD or St Kilda.


SOS provides a child protection service to young people who frequent the inner city and St Kilda areas and engage in high-risk activities.  The service operates from 4 pm to 1 am, seven days a week. See Streetwork Outreach Service – service description.

All SOS staff are protective interveners with authority to act under the provisions of the CYFA when a young person is in need of protection.

Divisional and after-hours practitioners can use SOS to act as a point of contact between young people and mainstream support services.

SOS practitioners may be able to support child protection practitioners in other ways by:

  • assisting divisional practitioners to assess the risks that might affect young people who have not had contact with child protection for some time
  • acting as the young person’s allocated practitioner
  • intervening if immediate action is required
  • recommending case management and case planning strategies
  • attending planning meetings to assist in establishing and implementing plans for the young person.


Divisional or after-hours practitioner tasks

  • If seeking assistance from SOS – provide identifying information about the client in CRIS and via direct contact, including:
    • physical description (recent photograph if available)
    • risk issues and behaviour patterns
    • associations and issues
    • issues of engagement
    • risk of sexual exploitation
    • possible locations
    • recommended approaches to engagement and intervention
    • known triggers to escalation of risk
    • summary history
    • legal status, active warrants and recommended action.
  • Ensure SOS is regularly updated on high-risk young people and case plans by inviting SOS to planning and high-risk panel meetings and the provision of written summaries and assessments. 


Supervisor tasks

  • Provide ongoing supervision and consultation.

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